Fraud Analytics

Fraudulent activity has victims in almost every industry in which money is transferred – Financial Services, Payment Processors, Retail Purchases, Online Sales, Government Payments, and many more. Billions of dollars each year are lost due to fraudulent actions, but many of those dollars could be saved.

The size and speed of losses due to fraudulent activity can be much more significant than operational losses, such as those due to poor credit. Whether an account has been taken over, created with a false identity, or an identity stolen, fraudulent activity can be difficult to discover, and even harder to terminate. An ever changing set of methods for illegally perpetrating accounts and payment methods requires that anyone searching for this activity be creatively aware of these same methods and have experience stopping them.

Our experience at TAS (decades of combined experience) allows us to quickly recognize patterns of fraudulent activity and stop it, but also provides a set of analytic tools, including custom fraud scores, that prevent fraudulent activity before it begins. Setting up a strong basis of protection allows analysts to focus on new patterns and methods employed by fraudulent users, minimizing the risk of significant losses due to this activity.