Our Goal
Teled Analytic Solutions™, Inc. (TAS) offers a full range of business analytic services to ensure that you attain the maximum value from your investment by employing prompt, productive, and cost efficient consulting and analytic project development. During the engagement, we deliver unparalleled service to you through personal attention, with effective and proactive communication, backed by extensive industry and technical experience. TAS places the highest value on its clients, partners, and employees, and strongly believes in working with you as a team to accomplish shared objectives.
Customer Centric
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, TAS understands that successful services are the basis for a successful relationship.  We have built a company structure and culture focused on ensuring complete customer satisfaction.  The success of our services are not measured simply by the completion of a project, but rather through the development of a partnership with you that will provide continued support, assuring that you will achieve your long term, strategic objectives. This collaborative approach is vital for a rewarding conclusion to all of your projects.
Advanced Analytics – Creative Solutions
We build highly predictive scoring models using advanced statistical techniques and undertake sophisticated and innovative analyses while providing a superior level of service. Our solutions are unique to the needs of each client and include predictive analytics, business rules management, and strategy optimization.  We use these solutions to help businesses improve the precision and consistency of their decisions. We have recognized specialists in developing highly predictive models, and uniquely construct our solutions to your particular business requirements, often proposing creative analysis in areas which it has not previously been applied.  Our analytic approach is required to guarantee you a technically sound and stable solution.
End to End Actual Experience
Teled Analytic Solution’s analysts have decades of experience developing predictive models and providing related consulting services directly for online retailers, online payment processors, banks, credit card issuers, auto and consumer finance companies, small business lenders, collection units, credit unions, and credit bureaus throughout the United States and internationally. Our employees have previous experience building models and providing strategic direction at some of the top financial services and retail companies in the United States. Examples of this previous experience include fraud detection and deterrence, application and portfolio credit risk, marketing analytics, customer lifetime value, collections optimization, recovery prediction, and many others. Our solutions provide support from project design to implementation of the final result. The breadth of experience we provide is necessary to ensure that your project is completed successfully and will seamlessly coexist with other solutions you employ.  We have deep analytic experience and a proven track record of finding new and creative ways to leverage data sources and analytic solutions for use across various organizations.  We offer a wide range of services to help your organization develop decision strategies and optimize policies based on industry best practices, helping you adapt to all future challenges.