Our Mission Statement 


Most Operational support providers are focused on Customer Service for application flow-through or for Existing Customers - NOT Fraud and Loss Prevention. We are experts in the analysis of fraudulent activity and operational recognition of that activity. TAS will minimize losses on applications that trigger additional review or require a deeper investigation of applicant stated information.  We also accurately determine fraud vs nonfraud to minimize the effect on nonfraud applicants and help maintain a smooth application process.

A seamless and efficient application process is vital to any online Financial Services product.  The design and development of the system directly determines if that goal has been accomplished.  We have architected and developed multiple application platforms, along with the backend operational systems needed for a fully functional financial services platform.  Using our expertise and analysis of your data, we determine what providers and tools are needed to minimize fraud and credit losses, providing insight otherwise not available. Decision Engine applications in Healthcare, Telecommunications, and other industries are also available.

“To consistently provide innovative analytic and system solutions to our customers, involving a beginning to end result with strategic direction, at a service level to our clients which is second to none.”

We offer a wide array of predictive modeling and data science services, with applications such as Fraud and Risk Detection, Healthcare, Internet Search, Targeted Advertising, Website Recommendations, Airline Route Planning, Gaming, Dynamic Pricing, and Collections Optimization.  We use a comprehensive array of statistical and machine learning techniques, and have created new approaches when completing our projects. Our analytic approach guarantees you a technically sound and stable solution. 

Teled Analytic Solutions™ (TAS) provides predictive analytic services across a variety of industries. We help our customers succeed in reaching their strategic goals, relying on our broad experience and technical expertise.